Food quality and safety policy

The main and overarching goal of the “Gastronom P.H.” is the high quality of the products offered, in line with customer expectations, with particular emphasis on their health safety, through the comprehensive commitment of employees operating at all levels of the company to fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

We implement the company’s policy by achieving the goals of Food Safety:

  • continuing the development of the organization by implementing the Quality Management System and introducing modern management methods to ensure the continuous development of the company;
  • applying the principles of GMP, GHP and HACCP in order to deliver safe products in accordance with the legal requirements as well as clients and consumers;
  • continuous improvement of productivity, the use of modern manufacturing technologies and production tools to ensure the best quality standards and food safety;
  • constant development, care for the highest quality of products, processes and staff, investing in a modern solution and encouraging every employee to expand their knowledge and skills. Using our qualifications and competences to the best possible extent to perform the assigned tasks.
  • All employees of “Gastronom P.H.” are fully aware of their responsibility for product safety and high quality of services, and are obliged to know and comply with the above-mentioned policy. To ensure the credibility of our efforts to achieve the adopted goals, we implement the Quality Management System. This policy is known and implemented by the company’s employees, and on behalf of the Top Management, I will make every effort to provide funds for its implementation.