Briefly about us

Gastronom P.H. has been on the market since 2006 and attention! It was not created by grandma Zosia but by a young boy who brought out the best from grandma’s recipes. Everything went slowly and in rhythm. Constant refinement, improvement, countless attempts, glorious successes and correcting bugs. Here we are! Fully formed, confident in their own and the quality of the product we offer. We put our heart into everything, so it is not difficult to fall in love with our products, whoever has tried it knows …

Traditional products

Tasty and well-known

This is just a small fraction of what we have to offer

Dumplings with potato and cottage stuff

Dumplings with meat

Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms

Pancakes with cottage cheese

Noodles with cabbage

Potato pancakes

Rolled stuffed cabbage

Polish Bigos

Potato-dumplings with meat

Croquettes with mushrooms and cheese

Croquettes with meat

Croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms

Even more about us

How We Work

Where to find us

Our products can be found in Szczecin in every Społem, Stokrotka, Lewiatan grocery store, Zyguła meat stands, Sztuka Mięs, Górzyca meat delicatessen and many other private points. Thanks to distributors, our products are also available in most European countries – Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.

We successfully supply most of Szczecin’s schools and kindergartens. And what tastes the youngest must be good!

The process of creating

We focus on traditional production and proven recipes. The vast majority of production processes are carried out manually in order to maintain the domestic character of our products. However, we are not afraid to support with the latest technology. We have modern packaging machines, weighing and labeling machines, we have our own fleet of cars adapted to the safe transport of food, and, above all, a specialized crew ready for further challenges.

The quality of the ingredients

We use the highest quality raw materials. The meats, dairy products and vegetables come from proven, reputable sources. Being aware of what customers expect, the best products and the desire to create delicious products make our dumplings, croquettes, and stuffed cabbage have a unique, home-made taste.